Standard / »10X10« notepaper dispenser

Standard 013-1 + 013-2»10X10« notepaper dispenser
»10X10« notepaper dispenser

013-1 + 013-2
»10X10« notepaper dispenser

»10X10« notepaper dispenser

Art. No. 013-1
A brilliant distributor and user-friendly, longlasting advertising medium. Polystyrene in acrylic look, injection-moulded, approx. 5-mm-thick case with large cover above the paper compartment.
Dispenser: 110 x 110 x 33 mm
Colour: transparent
Paper filling: wood-free white, 90g/m², approx. 200 sheets, format 10 x 10 cm
Advertising imprint: screen printing on cover plate, offset printing on each sheet


Art. No. 013-2
the same as article 013-1, but with a 2-piece cover for a promotional insert under a transparent surface

In the case of both articles, the covers are fixed securely to the dispensers.


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Printing format sheet
Punching/cutting contours (digi)


Delivery through advertising media stockists.
Also available without paper filling.